Ben Carson: "It Is Going To Be So Much Better" When Trump "Begins To Focus On Real Issues"


Dr. Ben Carson discusses the aftermath of the first presidential debate with Fox Business Network's Maria Bartiromo.

"I don't think it made a huge difference for Trump supporters, or for Clinton supporters," Carson said about the debate. "For the people in the middle, I think it made things even more confusing. So I'm glad we have three debates."

"A lot of people have crticized Donald for not bringing up Benghazi, and a bunch of other scandals that Hillary Clinton was involved in. But he's still got two more debates to do that. And if he talks about that in all of the debates, people would say he just keeps saying the same things over and over. You know he's going to be criticized if he does it, or if he doesn't do it. But the real key for him going forward is to be able to force Hillary Clinton to actually defend her positions, and the positions of the Obama administration. They don't want to do that. So they're going to continue to run off into the little ratholes."

"He has not to follow them there," Carson said. "He's got to come back to the real topics, because they don't have a chance when it comes to talking about the real issues, and they know that."

"Many of his allies were not pleased with his debate performance. What does he need to do differently?" Bartiromo asked.

"He needs to not follow her into these ratholes," Carson said. "He can certainly acknowedge something for a few seconds, but then he needs to pivot and talk about the real issues. How are we going to get the budget under control? What are we going to do to bring jobs back? How are we going to fix the tax code? He needs to explain the rationale for lowering taxes vs. the effect of economic growth of raising taxes. He needs to talk about some specific regulations. Throw them out there."

"You're on message, but this morning Donald Trump was on twitter in the wee hours of the morning, and some of what he said was related to that former Miss Universe, and her past, and Hillary Clinton," said a Fox Business co-host.

"The Miss Universe stuff, that is the rathole that I'm talking about," replied Carson.

"Well he went down it this morning," said the co-host. "Is what I was trying to quietly say."

"It is going to be so much better when he begins to focus on the real issues," Carson said. "What we have to recognize is that there is no way that Hillary Clinton can explain something good about raising taxes, and about these incessant regulations, about what is happening to our school system."

"And why Democrats oppose school choice and voucher systems. There's a whole list. Make her explain these things."

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