Scarborough, 'Morning Joe' Panel: "Bitter Outsiders" Are Attacking Conway For Righting the Ship


MSNBC: The immediate post-debate polls show Hillary Clinton won the debate, and now some of Trump's aides are fretting over his performance. Will Trump change for the next debate? The panel discusses.

Scarborough said those who are still opposed to Kellyanne Conway and Stephen K. Bannon for after they "righted the ship" are "bitter outsiders."

Scarborough talks about the undecideds and those in the 'I'm not going to vote' category:

SCARBOROUGH: We've got to wait and see if it actually changes. we had state polls come out yesterday I believe that showed Donald Trump still doing very well in places like Iowa, other swing states where Republicans don't usually do well. The question is and it's so strange it sort of just starts to sink in as you start talking to this person and that, that I'm starting to wonder whether it's going to have a big impact on the long run based on people I've been talking to. Again, all anecdotally, but we pick up a lot anecdotally...

What I'm hearing that's kind of fascinating, I talked to a guy conducting polls out west. And he said there aren't a lot of undecideds left in this race. You're for Hillary Clinton. You're for Donald Trump. You're for one of the minor candidates, and then there's a big group that says we're not going to vote. I wonder whether those are the people that get reengaged. 'Well, maybe I will vote for Hillary. Maybe I will vote for Trump,' and then go back into that 'I'm not going to vote' category.

Scarborough on those "bitter outsiders" complaining about the Trump campaign:

SCARBOROUGH: Whoever is attacking Bannon and Kellyanne Conway are just bitter outsiders. Those two actually have righted the ship. You can go from the day they started and he has been at least more disciplined in the day in, day out message. But it's just like a baseball player. If you get a baseball player that goes through the entire year and they go through the entire year doing this and that and that before they go up and bat. You know, good luck getting a batting coach to say, hey, don't do that. I don't want you to go up and do this beforehand. Everybody has their routines. Trump has his routine. It's paid off for him up to this point. What do you mean no? He's ahead in Iowa by ten points.

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