Clinton: "If Not Paying Taxes Makes Him Smart, What Does That Make The Rest Of Us?"


At an event Thursday in Des Moines, Hillary Clinton called out Donald Trump for his quip at Monday night's debate suggesting that avoiding paying taxes "makes me smart." At the debate, Clinton said that Trump is not releasing his tax returns because he doesn't pay federal income taxes. "That makes me smart," Trump offered.

HILLARY CLINTON: I know so much of this campaign has been about whatever my opponent says, who he attacks, who he derides and denegrates. I know the list is long, but it is not about that. It is about you. Your families and your futures, and each of us should be telling you what we intend to do in the job...

My friends, my opponent has a very different vision for America.

He actually bragged about gaming the system to get out of paying his fair share in taxes -- maybe not paying any taxes at all.

What I really find so disturbing about this, is he spends all of his time just dumping on America.

Calling us a third world country, saying our military is a disaster, that everything about America is in bad shape. But then, it is probably true he hasn't paid a penny in federal taxes to actually support our military, or our vets, or our schools, or our roads, or our education system.

He actually is proud of the fact that he lets everybody else pay taxes. He says that makes him smart. I'll tell you what, if not paying taxes makes him smart, what does that make the rest of us?

Watch Clinton's full event in Des Moines:

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