Trump: Bernie Sanders Could Have Been A "Legend" If He Hadn't Made A Deal With Hillary


Donald Trump tore into Sen. Bernie Sanders at an event in Council Bluff, Iowa on Wednesday, saying that he "would have been legendary" if he hadn't sold out to Hillary Clinton. Sanders appeared with Clinton earlier the same day to endorse her debt-free tuition plan.

"And that's when I said the system was rigged," Trump said about the Louisiana Republican primary. "And Bernie Sanders had the rigged delegates, and Bernie Sanders had the rigged DNC. The rigged, do you remember? Deborah Wasserman Schultz."

"I don't know how Bernie Sanders can be on the side of Hillary Clinton when the DNC-- the Democratic National Committee-- run by Hillary Clinton's person Deborah Wasserman Schultz," he said. "What they did to Bernie Sanders was unbelievable. And now he's supporting her."

"Though I think the Bernie Sanders people are supporting us," Trump said. "Because I'm much better on trade than Bernie Sanders even was, and he was okay. But he's supporting her."

"Bernie Sanders could have gone down in the record books as being a great, great man. But when he made that deal [with Hillary Clinton], it was over. Now he has crowds of 100 people, nobody wants to watch him, nobody wants to listen."

"Had he not made that deal, he would have been legendary," Trump said about Sanders. "And [Hillary] picked a vice presidential nominee who is the opposite of Bernie Sanders, didn't even pay him the respect."

(Video via Right Side Broadcasting Network livestream)

Watch the entire event below, via CBS:

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