Rebecca Berg: Donald Trump "Took The Bait" And Attacked Beauty Queen Alicia Machado


On CNN's 'The Lead' Wednesday afternoon, RCP reporter Rebecca Berg weighs in on Donald Trump's statements about beauty queen Alicia Machado that Hillary Clinton brought up in Monday's debate.

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REBECCA BERG, REALCLEARPOLITICS: It certainly does not help [Trump win over women voters]. And I think the Clinton campaign calculated that he would take the bait in the debate setting, and he would continue to take the bait moving forward in interviews. And they calculated correctly, Donald Trump appears to be stumbling over himself here.

There is no need to be starting these arguments with just weeks to go until election day, but Donald Trump tends to do this. And it does matter. For example, I was just in Pennsylvania on debate day, and I spoke with an undecided woman voter, an older woman... She was telling me that she has voted Republican for her entire life, wants to be able to support Donald Trump, but his comments on women have turned her off.

Having him in this sort of conversation right now doesn't help him with voters like that.

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