Michelle Obama Stumps For Hillary in PA: "We Need An Adult In The White House"


First Lady Michelle Obama campaigns for Hillary Clinton at La Salle University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

"First and foremost, this job is hard," she said about the presidency. "The highest stake, most 24-7 job you can possibly imagine."

"When it comes to the qualifications we should demand in a president," she said. "To start with, we need someone who will take the job seriously. Someone who will study and prepare so that they understand the issues better than anyone else on the team. And we need someone with superb judgment in their own right. Because the president can hire the best advisers on earth, but I guarantee you that five advisers will give five different opinions. The president decides alone."

"The president can't lash out, or pop off. No, we need an adult in the White House. I guarantee you," she said.

"We need someone who will be compassionate, someone who will be a role model for our kids, someone who is not just in this for themselves, but for the good of this entire country. The presidency doesn't change who you are, it reveals who you are."

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