Gowdy: Clinton Aide Cheryl Mills Walked Out Of FBI Interview When It "Went Into an Area She Didn't Want It To Go"


On Wednesday's edition of 'Fox & Friends' Rep. Trey Gowdy gave details of Hillary Clinton chief-of-staff Cheryl Mills' interview with the FBI about her role in hiding Clinton's secret email server.

"Cheryl Mills, one day she’s a target, one day she’s a witness, and then the next day, she’s sitting in Secretary Clinton’s interview as a lawyer. And I’ll just tell you, as somebody that did this for a living, that is unprecedented," Gowdy said.

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REP. TREY GOWDY: What Comey said yesterday was because she’s a lawyer, then you have attorney-client privilege issues, and there is some merit to that, but that gets back to my original point. Cheryl Mills — I mean, here’s the moral of the story: Hire a lawyer to be your chief of staff, because then what you want to be made public can be made public, and what you don’t want to be made public, you can claim attorney-client privilege...

Moral of the story: Hire a lawyer to be your chief of staff...

She stormed out [of the interview with FBI investigators] because her lawyer, who used to work for the Department of Justice, by the way, and the DOJ lawyers had an agreement about what she would and would not be asked, and the FBI was apparently not part of that deal. So they, God forbid, asked a question that went into an area she didn’t want it to go. So, that’s why she left. This whole thing would not happen to Cheryl Smith or Cheryl Jones, but it happened to Cheryl Mills. And that is my focus. Why are you treating this case differently than you would anyone else’s?

[It is] politics, I guess, and a Department of Justice that has been politicized.

I mean, keep in mind the head of the Department of Justice met on the tarmac for 30 minutes, she claims to talk about golf and grandkids. There’s not a guy in the world that’s going to talk 30 minutes about their grandkids. Maybe about golf, maybe golf, but not their grandkids.

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