Bernie Sanders Introduces Hillary Clinton, Endorses Her "Debt-Free College" Plan


Sen. Bernie Sanders appeared with Hillary Clinton at an event at the University of New Hampshire on Wednesday, where he endorsed her plan to make public colleges "debt-free" for students and to give relief for high-interest college loans. Sanders called the plan a "big deal" and noted that is is "enormously important for the future of our country" to elect Hillary Clinton.

"Secretary Clinton and I understand that in today's world, when we talk about public education, it is no longer good enough to talk about the first grade through high school. That was wonderful thirty or forty years ago -- it is not enough today," Sanders said.

"First," he said about her plan, "It means that students will not be leaving college with outrageous levels of student debt."

"And secondly, making public colleges and universities tuition-free does something even more profound than just reducing student debt... There are millions of low-income and working class families with kids who don't know anybody who graduated college... And they are thinking to themselves, there is no way on god's gree earth that they are going to make it into college and into the middle class."

"What this proposal, Sec. Clinton's proposal, tells us, is that if you are a low-income family, a middle income family, if your kid studies hard and does well, yes, regardless of the income of your family, your kid will be able to make it inot college. That is a big deal."

Watch the entire event below:

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