Limbaugh on Debate: Clinton Demonstrated She Is Perfect Washington Insider, Quintessential Politician For Life


RUSH: Okay, folks, let's just get straight to it. For people watching this debate last night through the usual prism, through the standard inside-the-Beltway, insider establishment elite circles, if you watched the debate with that as your life experience, with that defining your expectations and that defining your analysis and commentary, Hillary Clinton won this debate in a knockout. If that's how you watch these things.

And that's how the Drive-Bys see it. That's how party officials see it. That's how elected officials see it. That is how people inside the Beltway in the business of politics saw the debate last night overall. At the end of the night, most people don't want to say it, but Hillary Clinton won in a knockout. The Drive-Bys all think so, and so do many others. Why? Well, because, Hillary was a perfect insider Washington politician.

She spoke in robotic devotion to the meaningless political prattling, going on and on about her plan for this and her plan for that, and this plan over here. And all of the experts who've looked at her plan and say it's the best plan, and all the experts that have looked at his plan and say it's the worst plan. And then we got the obligatory takedown of trickle-down economics for about the gazillionth time in 30 years. We got the obligatory takedown of the rich aren't paying their fair share for I don't know how many umpteenth million times Democrat politicians have been preaching that in the last 30 years.

It was boring. It was robotic. It was almost, especially the first 20 minutes, Hillary Clinton was blindsided, she didn't know what had hit her, maybe the first 30 minutes. She looked out of it. She looked rattled. She looked like she wasn't prepared for the way Trump was behaving and what Trump had to say. She was totally programmed. She was programmed to wait for openings either provided by Trump or provided by Lester Holt. She was waiting for memorized zingers to be implemented and used.

She was exactly what people are fed up with. In terms of the insider nature of Washington politics, the professional politician aspect of Washington politics, insincere, say it because it sounds good. Don't say who you really are, by all means, don't announce what you're really for, never get into any specifics. All you do is try to character assassinate your opponent using the assistance of the moderator. We knew all of this going in. The question is, is that how people, voters, saw this last night?

I'll take you back to the Republican primaries. Donald Trump in the Republican primary debates was just like he was last night. And after every Republican primary debate all of these people in the establishment, the elites, the ruling class inside Washington politics, the professional politicians, you name them, after every debate people were shocked and embarrassed and angry and thought Trump had just finally destroyed himself. And after each debate everybody was shocked to learn that Trump had not done that. That Trump was continuing to build his momentum, he was continuing to attract new voters, in defiance of everything the insiders considered to be common sense.

And last night Trump was who he was. There are many Trump supporters -- I don't know many -- some Trump supporters -- angry that he didn't seem to take it more seriously and to end up being more prepared. I'll get into pitch-by-pitch analysis of this in just a second. I mean, he swung and missed at a bunch of hanging curveballs last night. And it was frustrating to all kinds of people, particularly on his side, who really wanted him to take her out last night and just be done with this.

There were people hoping that she wouldn't be able to remain vertical for 90 minutes. The fact that they pulled that off disappointed people. I even had somebody say, "Man, they made her look like Margaret Thatcher! Can you believe it? They hate Margaret Thatcher, and look how they had her hair and her makeup!" The way people watch these things is fascinating to me. I was peppered, as you can imagine. I had the world emailing me with their thoughts.

And I can't described for you the overwhelming pessimism that I was greeted with last night by Trump supporters who thought, "Oh, my..." They were so hepped up, they were so jazzed, they were so ready, and then they said they ended up being so disappointed. And I think people are continuing to make what apparently is an unavoidable mistake. You cannot look at this debate as you would look at Romney versus Obama, or Bush versus Kerry, or Bush versus Gore, or Hillary versus Bernie, or Hillary versus Obama. Trump changes all of that.


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