Laura Ingraham on Debate: Trump Missed Opportunities, Responded to Stupid Questions Too Often


LAURA INGRAHAM: I think tonight Donald Trump probably learned a lot about debating. He never has done a one-on-one debate before, it's a different animal than being up against 8 or 10 other people. I think at the beginning he was like his old self, as it went on I felt like he was responding to stupid questions too often. Taxes, that's already been litigated, he's not going to release his taxes, he's already said why. That's not the burning issue on the mind of the American public.

Sean, I know you know the same thing, when the issue of cybersecurity was mentioned that was begging for Donald Trump to say, 'Wait a second, is this a joke question?' The woman who had like a private server in some bathroom somewhere that wasn't as secure as Gmail is going to lecture us on cybersecurity? So, that having been said, those moments were left on the table were missed opportunities.

What you saw tonight, I think, was an image of strength and an adamant defense of the everyman versus yesterday and policies that didn't work. So she was very polished, don't get me wrong. She gamed out every response to every question. She is a good student and she showed it tonight.

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