Marc Thiessen: "Obama's America Is Spinning Out Of Control and Donald Trump Is The Candidate of Law and Order"


MEGYN KELLY, FOX NEWS: What they are saying is that even though people like us get all ginned up about the debates and can't wait and maybe she'll win or he'll win, they say that ultimately the viewers and voters use them to confirm their own preexisting opinions and when a couple of weeks have passed they won't have changed the race.

MARC THIESSEN: I think they will change in this particular case. This is an election where we have the two least popular, least liked candidates in modern political history. So what people are really trying to decide is can I vote for Hillary Clinton?

MEGYN KELLY, FOX NEWS: Who do I hate less?

MARC THIESSEN: Who do I hate less? And that's an unprecedented question going into a debate, is who I hate less rather than will my candidate do well. So I think what Donald Trump has to do tomorrow night is has to go out and be presidential. He has the oldest dynamics working in his favor. There is violence, there is chaos. It seems like Obama's America is spinning out of control and Donald Trump is the candidate of law and order.

He gave a very temperament statement after the Charlotte riots saying that he is going to make America safe for African-Americans and we all have to come together. If he takes that approach and looks presidential with all the dynamics happening in the country right now I think he has a good chance of winning.

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