Krauthammer: Can Trump Take Jabs From Hillary Clinton for 90 Minutes Without Getting Defensive?


Charles Krauthammer says if Donald Trump can stand on the debate stage like he stood at the press conference wit the Mexican president, he will look like Hillary Clinton's equal. From Sunday night's edition of The Kelly File:

KRAUTHAMMER: I think what she needs to do is to jab, not to go for the haymaker, not to go for the one thing to knock him out. He is very good at the rope-a-dope and slipping away. We see the metaphors are boxing because this really is a spectacle of boxing. I think if she keeps jabbing at him... attack him on many points, calmly, but one after another. I'm sure that at some point he is going to succumb and want to strike back and that's her opportunity.

These debates are never won or lost on points. If you listen on the radio you never get a flavor of who won or who lost, it's only by watching. The the debates in the end are dependent on moments. She needs the one moment where she hits him somewhere where either he is defensive because he is being sort of portrayed as ignorant or being wild. All they have to do, remember all those ads she ran essentially saying he is Dr. Strangelove. He needs to do something very simple, show himself as reasonably normal which for most of us is rather doable. Can he do it for 90 minutes? We will find out.

Charles Krauthammer on Clinton immunity deals, first debate on a Sunday edition of Special Report:

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