Mook on Debate: "We Don't Want Donald Trump's Lies and Distortions To Be A Distraction"


NBC: As the two presidential candidates prepare to go head-to-head Monday night, Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook tells TODAY that all the Clinton camp asks of Donald Trump is that he stick with the facts: “We don’t want Donald Trump’s lies and distortions to be a distraction.” Mook claims that while Clinton’s focus is to prove to the American people she can make a real difference in their lives, Trump has yet to present any real plans or clear positions.

ROBBY MOOK, CLINTON CAMPAIGN MANAGER: We don't want Donald Trump's lies and distortions to be a distraction. We're hoping that those can get checked so Hillary can focus her time on what she wants to do.

MATT LAUER: What are her rules of engagement? What have you laid out in debate prep in terms of getting personal and getting negative. We know that Mr. Trump has been able to go there over the past year, year and a half. What are her rules of engagement?

ROBBY MOOK: Well, again, it just debates which Donald Trump shows up to the debate, and that's where Hillary is going to have to make calls minute by minute.

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