Glenn Beck Grills Cruz: How Can You Endorse Trump, Someone You Called a Sociopathic Liar?


Sen. Ted Cruz called into Monday morning's Glenn Beck Program to discuss his surprise endorsement of Donald Trump this week. A flustered and frustrated Glenn Beck paced back and forth in the mock-Oval Office where he records the program as Cruz explained his reasoning.

"What I said is: This is a binary choice," the Texas senator told Beck. "I wish it were not a binary choice. As you know, I tried very, very hard --as did you-- to prevent it from being a binary choice between Hillary and Donald Trump. And I think it is fair to say there was no other Republican candidate who left more on the field, and did more to stop Donald from being the nominee than I did, but the voters made a different decision, but you have to respect the democratic process, even if you are not happy with the outcome."

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Beck repeatedly questioned Cruz about his "principles" and his previous statements about Trump: "So a man who has principles, who has there are lined I will not cross. It is still a binary choice? So a man who you can not come on here and tell me: 'Yes Glenn, he is fit to be president of the United States.' I still am encouraged by you to abandon my principles and vote for him because it is a binary choice?"

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"I encourage you to do what you think is right and honorable and principled," Cruz responded. "From my persepctive, when I look at the issues. Hillary Clinton is telling us she will do enormous damage to the country. Let's take the issue of the Supreme Court... Almost every one of our Constitutional rights hangs in the balance. We have a narrowly divided court. With Justice Scalia's passing, just about every right we cherish is at risk of being lost. The Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms... was a five-four victory upholding the indivudal right to bear arms. The next president, probably in January will nominate a justice that will either uphold the indivuadal right to bear arms, or attempt to revoke it."

"This is all the information you had in Cleveland," Beck said.

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"You had this information the day you dropped out of the race," he continued. "And said that Donald Trump is a ‘sociopathic liar.’ You had all this information. Have you spent an enormous amount of time with Donald Trump? Do you have new information that has made you say, ‘Oh my gosh, he’s now not a sociopathic liar. He is not the guy that I very eloquently spelled out, for over a year, and now there’s suddenly a reason to believe him’?"

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TED CRUZ: Let me say a couple of things in response, Glenn. First of all, I have had many significant disagreements with Donald Trump. I have not been shy to articulate those at considerable length. I do not intend to do so at this point.

We are in an election with a binary choice--

GLENN BECK: I’m asking you for new information.

CRUZ: You're in a different role than I am--

GLENN BECK: I’m asking you for new information.

CRUZ: You can share your concerns. I've shared them in the past. I don't intend to share them again.

GLENN BECK: I’m asking you for new information. You knew all the things you are saying today. The time to do that would’ve been the day you gave the speech, so eloquently. Why now? What's new?

CRUZ: I would say the most significant thing that changed, is on Friday, the day I announced I would vote for Donald Trump, the Trump campaign put out a list of potential Supreme Court nominees, and to me, critically, committed that the only nominees he would consider for the court were on that list.

That was a major shift. In the past, he had put out a list of 11 potential nominees, and the campaign's language had been: 'These are among the people who would be considered.'

On Friday, the Trump campaign expanded that list to 21, it is a very strong list. They put Sen. Mike Lee... at the top of that list. For the first time ever, they committed that those were the only names that woudl be considered. I tell you, that was not an accident that this occurred.

Last week, when I sat down with Mike Lee in Washington, Mike asked me: What would it take to get you on board?

For months I had been telling Donald, I had been telling his campaign that my greatest concern was protecting the Bill of Rrights and the rule of law. I told Donald that before the convention, over and over and over. We talked about what the campaign could do to give any degree of reassurance on the Constitution and the rule of law, we discussed the Supreme Court as being one of the great checks protecting the Constitution and the rule of law. And the Trump campaign committing to pick from that list was an important change that gave me significant reassurance and got me to the point of saying yes.

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"What do you believe him?" asked Stu, one of Beck's co-hosts. "You said yourself, he was going to send us into the 'abyss.' You called him correctly a pathological liar. Why would you believe him just because he put it down on a piece of paper?"

"This was a decision I agonized about," Cruz said. "What I believe to a certaintly is that Hillary Clinton, if she were president, would appoint left-wing ideologues to the Court... If that happens, the Second Amendment is gone, religious liberty is gone, free speech is gone, federalism is gone, U.S. sovereignty will be given away. I believe that to 100% certainty. With respect to the justices Donald Trump is going to nominate -- he is publicly committing to nominate from a list that is very strong. And if he were to nominate from that list, it would be a major step towards protecting our rights. I hope he will follow through on that committment. One never knows if one will. But the fact that he is publicly promising... I think creates a dynamic where, compared to Hillary... That is a clear choice."

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"Apparently for you," Stu followed up. "This has gone from voting your conscience, to this is a binary choice. 'Voting my conscience' means I can't vote for either one of these people. That is what voting my conscience means to me. What does voting your conscience mean to you?"

"Stu, with all respct, I don't agree with that," Cruz said. "Go and look at what I said in Cleveland... What I said was almost word for word what Ronald Reagan said about Gerald Ford in 1976, or what Ted Kennedy said about Jimmy Carter in 1980. That was not accidental."

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After the interview a visibly disappointed Glenn Beck told his audience that it was his fault for trusting Cruz. He said he believed a man "can actually be George Washington."

"And when that happened, the whole thing fell apart for me. And it's my fault. It is my fault for believing men can actually be George Washington. It's my fault," Beck lamented.

"I should have said, 'You know who can win? You know who can beat Hillary Clinton? Marco Rubio,'" he said.

"I disagree with him on the Gang of Eight, but there’s about 80% that I do agree with him on. He’s kind of a politician, but he’s a different kind of politician, he’s young politician, he’s a Hispanic, he can win. Let’s go for it."

"Instead I said, ‘Let’s find a truly honorable man.’ And that will always let you down. It will always let you down," he said.

"He is still, I believe, a good man. He is just a politician first," Beck concluded about Cruz. "I’ve never put him into the category of a politician, and that’s my fault."

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