Giuliani: Let Trump Be Himself At Debate, He Is "An Extraordinary Political Thinker," "Great Communicator"


Former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani tells 'Fox & Friends' about how Donald Trump is preparing to debate Hillary Clinton.

"This is kind of like a boxing match," he said. "You get the person ready the way he wants to get ready."

"[Hillary] wanted to get ready with all the mock debates and mock trials, like I guess a lawyer, like I am used to. Donald wanted to get ready in his own way. Which is, just bone up on the issues, be clearer, more precise. But he basically is going to be Donald Trump."

"I think we looked at a few [tapes], yeah. We looked at a few of his. But he has done it really over the past two, two-and-a-half months. A lot of the preparation was in the speeches he gave. Unlike her, he gave very highly specific policy speeches over the last two months. The idea that he hasn't been specific and hasn't drilled down on the issues is kind of a little silly. It is the mainstream media not paying attention to the campaign."

"He's been more specific at this stage in the campaign, certainly than she has, and he has been more specific than most presidential candidates. I could tell you his tax plan... He's going to renegotiate NAFTA or get rid of it, pretty clear. He's going to build a wall in order to secure the border. He's been extremely specific, including the one-two-threes of everything he's going to do," Giuliani said.

"My advice to him is: Donald Trump has done best since Donald Trump has been just let loose to be Donald Trump."

"What we've all found, who are working with him, is if you let him be himself, this man is an extraordinary political thinker himself, and a great communicator," he concluded.

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