Ed Rollins: Trump Has Advantage With History as Decision Maker, Clinton Has Failed At That


Ed Rollins talks about tonight's presidential debate, the first of three, and how Trump "just needs to be himself." Rollins, a Republican operative, runs a pro-Trump Super PAC and offered his analysis on the Trump this morning on FOX & Friends.

"Everybody has to do it their own way," Rollins told FOX & Friends Brian Kilmeade. "My sense is he doesn't want to sit, read a bunch of briefing books. He wants to talk it through and I think that's what he's doing. He's a great communicator."

"He can more than handle himself. People say that he had all these other candidates on the field and he didn't have to perform as well. My sense is in a one-on-one he is going to be stronger than ever," Rollins also said.

From Monday morning's interview:

ED ROLLINS: He has the advantage. He doesn't have to win, he just has to tie and perform at a level where people can say I can see that guy as president.

BRIAN KILMEADE, FOX & FRIENDS: You've always believed that Donald Trump legitimate shot at this, you wouldn't have spun out a Super PAC. Did you ever think that he would be a point up in Colorado, a point from Pennsylvania -- these are brand new polls -- now Virginia within striking distance. She pulled her ads out of Pennsylvania and Virginia.

ED ROLLINS: This is a different election than ever before. So the things we might have talked about a month ago just aren't happening. This is a whole different game. And a large amount of voters have not made up their mind yet. So this debate, people are going to watch it, they are going to carefully watch it and then make up their minds.

BRIAN KILMEADE: CBS did a poll where they said he is riskier than she is, however, America wants a change so bad that riskier might not be that bad in this election.

ED ROLLINS: Well, he's a leader and I think the key thing for him is what he has to say is, 'The president makes decisions; I've been making decisions all my life.'

Obviously she can't make decisions. She failed on Benghazi. She failed on Syria. Her husband failed as a decision maker... In her case, I think he's got the advantage there and ought to talk about that.

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