Clinton Campaign's Mook: "Even The Most Seasoned Debaters Are Not Used to Debating Trump"


Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook joins The TODAY Show to lower expectations for his candidate at tonight's debate. "Even the most seasoned debaters are not used to debating Donald Trump," Mook said about Hillary Clinton, the veteran of dozens of primary debates. "This is a very different debate than we have ever had before."

"I don't see this as much as winning and losing, but more about have these candidates had a chance to present to the American people whether they are prepared to be president."

"All that we're asking from Donald Trump is that he stick with the facts," Mook said. "That he give clear plans and have a command of the issues... We don't want a double standard where Donald Trump can get the most-improved award, but Hillary Clinton is judged on the finer points of policy."

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