Chuck Todd: Debate Was a Surreal Event, Let's Not Pretend This Is How a Normal Debate Should Go


NBC's Chuck Todd reacts to the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Todd said you at times you lost track and couldn't tell what point Trump was trying to make in his "pugilistic way."

Todd was upset that this was not "any other debate" and how a "normal debate is supposed to go."

"It's gotten so out of hand, I feel like we're political candidates, the way we're being attacked and prodded," Todd said about the treatment of media and fact-checkers.

CHUCK TODD: I think we have to step back and realize that was a very surreal event that we witnessed. That was not like any normal political debate, it was not something that looked like any other presidential debate we've witnessed in the modern era. So, I feel like before we talk about the substance of the debate and what happened between the candidates, let's not pretend this was normal -- a normal way a presidential debate is supposed to go.

Look, it was -- Donald Trump was all emotion, Hillary Clinton was all about preparation. You could tell -- neither campaign lied to us. Hillary Clinton you could tell spent a lot of time preparing for this debate. And particularly by the end of the debate, you could tell that Donald Trump did not. He was very reactive, I thought he was strong in the first 20 or 30 minutes, especially on trade, put her on the defensive but then after that he took the bait every single time she threw it out there.

He would defend his record, he would then go on to try to defend it more and then there were times where when he was talking about cyber security, you didn't quite know what point he was making. He almost lost track of the point he was making there.

So, look, I'm not going to sit here and say I know for sure how the American public is going to react, his pugilistic way has connected before but if people are judging on temperament and judging on preparation for the job, if the swing voter here is the moderate Republican living in the suburbs who has never been a Trump supporter and can't sit there stomach voting for Hillary Clinton, I don't know what Trump did tonight to win over that voter.

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