Bernie Sanders: Now Is "Not The Time For A Protest Vote"


Former "revolutionary" outsider Bernie Sanders discourages his supporters from voting for a third party candidate in the November election, and instead urges them to support Hillary Clinton.

"I think what the focus has got to be on now is understanding that this moment in history, for a presidential election, is not the time for a protest vote," he said on CBS’ 'Face the Nation.' "It is the time to look at which candidate is going to work best for the middle class and working families."

"Look, I am the longest-serving independent in the history of Congress. When I was younger I ran on a third party here in the state of Vermont," he said. "So I’m not here to disparage third-party candidates who historically have played a very, very important role in this country in raising issues and moving this country in certain directions."

"It's time to look at which candidate will work best for the middle class and working families," he said.

"Young people are very concerned, appropriately so, about the crisis regarding climate change," he said. "Clinton has a pretty strong program which says we have got to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel. You know what Donald Trump’s position is on climate change? He thinks it’s a hoax, and that is really frightening for the future of this planet.”

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