Bill O'Reilly: The Charlotte Shooting And The Presidential Election


BILL O'REILLY: Things calmed down a bit in that besieged city last night, but there is still tension in the air.

Earlier today attorneys for Keith Scott -- shot dead by police on Tuesday -- put out a video taken by Scott's wife that chronicles some of the confrontation.

RAKEYIA SCOTT, WIFE OF KEITH SCOTT: “Don’t shoot him. Don’t shoot him.”

OFFICER: “Drop the gun.”

RAKEYIA SCOTT: “He didn’t do anything.”

OFFICER: “Drop the gun. Drop the gun.”

RAKEYIA SCOTT: “He doesn’t have a gun. He has a T.B.I. [Traumatic Brain Injury]”

OFFICER: “Drop the gun.”

RAKEYIA SCOTT: “He is not going to do anything to you guys.”


RAKEYIA SCOTT: “Keith, get out the car. Keith! Keith! Don’t you do it! Don’t you do it! Keith!”

OFFICER: “Drop the gun.”

RAKEYIA SCOTT: “Keith! Keith! Keith! Don’t you do it!” [SHOTS]

RAKEYIA SCOTT: “F***. Did you shoot him? Did you shoot him? Did you shoot him? He better not be f****** dead. He better not be f****** dead. I know that f****** much. I know that much. He better not be dead. I’m not going to come near you. [Scott’s dead body comes into view] I’m going to record, though.”

Once again that video is not conclusive or an indictment of anyone.

There was obviously a chaotic confrontation. The police officer obviously believed Keith Scott had a gun and that's all we can take away from what you just saw.

Nevertheless some Americans will reach conclusions that have little basis in reality.

Let the investigation play out before you form a judgment.

The big problem is that some African-Americans sincerely believe the police want to hurt them.

BLACK FEMALE: “I could be at work, at school, in my car -- [SCREAMING] I could still get shot by the police, I could get shot anywhere. Do you see this?”

[Black female shows her black skin.]


BLACK FEMALE: “Do you see that?”


BLACK FEMALE: “Do you see me?”


BLACK FEMALE: “Do you see you? We are not the same. We are human. But I am black, and you are white.”

Now some of you will dismiss that woman's perception as false.

But to her and many other Americans, it's true. They believe the police in general are very suspicious of them.

So to be fair -- and that's what this program is all about -- the perception that African-Americans are at a disadvantage with the police must be considered.

However, the stats are the stats and we have laid them out for you time and time again on The Factor.

According to a recent Harvard study and Justice Department statistics, there is no methodical persecution of blacks by the police.

But again, you are not going to convince some Americans of that.

Therefore decisions have to be made.

Talking Points believes that the social unrest in Charlotte will give North Carolina's 15 electoral votes to Donald Trump.

Social order will always be a conservative issue and Mr. Trump is taking a hard line.

Last night:

TRUMP: “At the center of our society is going to be a simple promise to every American—and it’s called safety. We need safety. We’re going to make America safe again.”

Again, the street protests in Charlotte will help Donald Trump in that state -- wait and see.

The truth is that when Americans see looters with masks, any individual case flies right out the window.

The family of Keith Scott deserves to know the truth about what happened.

The black police officer who shot Mr. Scott deserves that as well.

Today Hillary Clinton tweeted that the police video of the shooting should be released. She says that might ensure justice.

I'm not so sure. According to the Charlotte Police Chief Kerr Putney, who has been a hero in this sad situation, the video is inconclusive and is currently in the hands of investigators trying to make a definitive analysis.

So caution may be the best policy here as Chief Putney has stated.

But politics being what they are, Secretary Clinton must come down on the side of the minority community, which she desperately needs to win the election.

As for minority Americans themselves, Talking Points has this to say:

Racial division can only be healed by dignified conduct.

That means no hate, no violence, no anarchy.

Martin Luther King, Jr. gained the respect of most Americans by preaching a message of fairness and exposing bigotry beyond any reasonable doubt.

He is now honored with a national holiday.

The president of the United States is half black, the attorney general is black, the secretary of homeland security is black, and African Americans have made enormous strides since Dr. King was assassinated.

No country is perfect. The overwhelming number of American police officers are decent human beings doing a tough job, putting themselves in danger every day.

Most African-Americans understand that and I believe are ashamed when other blacks loot burn and hate.

Finally, two updates: The police officer in Tulsa Betty Shelby, who shot dead an unarmed black man Terence Crutcher, has now been indicted on manslaughter charges.

And in Charlotte, police have arrested 21-year old Rayquan Borum, a protester, for killing another protester, 26-year-old Justin Carr.

The accused killer has spent time in prison and has two pending weapons charges against him.

Summing up, the Charlotte shooting will directly influence the presidential race and we can expect a number of questions during the debate on Monday night about racial tension in the USA.

There is a stark difference between Secretary Clinton and Donald Trump on the issue.

Mr. Trump is running as the law and order candidate who appeals to people that despise social unrest, especially when it turns violent.

But Mr. Trump has to be careful that he does not denigrate legitimate concerns that the African-American community puts forth.

For her part Hillary Clinton must side with the minority communities on all issues.

If she does not, she will lose the election.

And that's the memo.

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