Bill Maher: Clinton Won't Say How She'll Stop Terrorism, "She Just Seems To Lecture Us On How To Be A Better Person"


HBO host Bill Maher and his panel discuss the upcoming first presidential debate and Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's approach to preventing future terrorist attacks. From Friday's broadcast of HBO's Real Time:

BILL MAHER: I've been saying for a very long time that I worry about the Democrats on the terrorism issue. I mean, obviously, is going paranoid lunacy aimed at dumbasses. I don't agree with his prescriptions. But Hillary says things like, 'the kinds of rhetoric and language Mr. Trump used is giving aid and comfort to our adversaries.' That's what she said.

That doesn't really tell you how he's [sic] going to stop the attacks. She just seems to lecture on us how to be a better person. This is what I worry about with the election: if there's a terrorist attack a week before with the election and then Mr. Dumbass Strongman comes in and says, 'we're weak.' Tragedy for him is always an opportunity to gloat. 'I called it! I should be a newscaster. Because that's what newscasters do-- they predict things.

Watch Overtime, Bill and his guests – Maureen Dowd, Lanhee Chen, Neera Tanden, Max Brooks, and Michael Franti – answer viewer questions after the show:

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