Rebecca Berg: Clinton Needs To Make A Stronger Case To The Obama Coalition


RCP reporter Rebecca Berg joins Wolf Blitzer CNN's 'The Situation Room' to discuss Hillary Clinton's effort to reach out to black voters and millennials.

"It goes without saying that Hillary Clinton is not Barack Obama," she said. "We are probably not going to see that sort of coalition among African-American voters that we saw in 2008 and even in 2012."

"She si still struggling to raise enthusiasm among all millennial voters, but also African-American millenial voters, and all millennials. You heard Barack Obama come out and say he would consider it a personal insult if this group did not turn out for Hillary Clinton and did not support her. But she is going have ato make a stronger case for them to not stay home or not support a third party candidate," she explained. "And that is what she is working on right now."

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