Cenk Uygur Begs Democrats: "Get Your Heads Out Of The Sand! She's Losing! She's A Terrible Candidate!"


'The Young Turks' founder Cenk Uygur responds to this footage of an audience both booing and laughing when former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist said he is voting for Hillary Clinton because she is "honest."

“They LOL'd," Uygur said. "That's literally a LOL."

The prominent Bernie Sanders supporter said it is time for the "Democratic establishment" to admit that they were wrong, that Sanders was the stronger candidate, and if he had been nominated he would be winning right now.

"We’ve got 48 days to Armageddon," Uygur said about Trump's impending victory over Clinton. "Get your head out of your--... let’s be polite here and say, 'get your head out of the sand.' She’s losing! She’s a terrible candidate!"


CENK UYGUR: Democratic party establishment, you knuckleheads. What have you done? What have you done? You thought that she was the better candidate. The state of Florida is pretty relevant, electorally, in a national election for president. And you've got a crowd there laughing out loud at the idea that your candidate it honest. Oops!

It turns out that we weren't just telling you Hillary Clinton is a bad candidate because we like the other guy. It’s because we were right, but they’ll never admit it. I don't know if the Democratic Party is just stupid... or if they think, 'maybe we get fired if Bernie Sanders comes in here and has a revolution, so I don't want Bernie Sanders under any circumstance. I'd rather have Trump as president.'

Or it is a combination of the two... The whole country, and maybe even the whole world, is in a world of trouble because the Democratic Party thought Hillary Clinton would be a better candidate...

I'm telling you this not just to rub it in to the Democratic Party, because they were wrong and we were right, and not just because if Hillary Clinton loses, they will go around blaming the people who were right, instead of taking responsibility for their idiotic actions. It is not about that.

It is about: We’ve got 48 days to Armageddon. Trump is leading in Ohio, he is leading in Florida, and the Democratic Party still thinks they can't lose...

Get your head out of your — let’s be polite and say, get your head out of the sand. Okay? She’s losing! She’s a terrible candidate! Figure out a strategy in the next 48 days to turn around, otherwise you’re going to make Donald Trump, the monster, idiot, whatever you want to call him, loser… Donald Trump will become the most powerful man on earth.

Jesus, what have you done to us? Turn around quickly, find a way to win this election, otherwise you might have ruined the whole world with your arrogance.

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