Trump: Black Communities Are In The Worst Shape They've Ever Been In, "Ever, Ever, Ever"


At Tuesday's campaign event in Kenansville, NC, the White House hopeful said: "We're going to rebuild our inner cities because our African-American communities are absolutely in the worst shape they've ever been in before. Ever, ever, ever."

He continued: "You take a look at the inner cities, you get no education, you get no jobs, you get shot walking down the street."

"They're worse, I mean honestly, places like Afghanistan are safer than some of our inner cities."

"And I say to the African-American communities, and I think it's resonating, because you see what's happening with my poll numbers with African Americans. They're going, like, high," he said.

"With the inner cities I say to the African American people who have to suffer in these inner cities, I'm going to fix it, I'm going to fix it. We're going to fix it!"

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