Ingraham Gives Trump's Debate Response For Not Knowing Every Foreign Leader: He Wasn't Collecting Donations


Laura Ingraham, who reportedly consulted with the Donald Trump campaign on the upcoming first presidential debate, comments on how Trump can respond to and effectively disarm questions on his of knowledge of foreign leaders -- or what she called "gotcha questions" -- in an appearance on Hannity Tuesday night.

"He can't get sucked in to say I don't know," Ingraham said about Trump getting stuck on the question. He's not going to know all of the minutia. If they pull the pop quiz, I think he can turn that on them easily."

"The gotcha questions, well, the Secretary of Defense of Poland, Donald, you know who that is," Ingraham said on the FOX News Channel. "He needs to say something like, 'Look, I'm sure that Hillary knows all of the names of the government officials of every country on the planet because she was flying around on our dime asking them for donation to the Clinton Foundation. What I know is I know solutions. She knows all of the minutia that I can learn with my top staff and all of the focus that we're going to have.'"

"'I'm going to solve the problem for America. She can pass the pop quiz but I'm going to pass the most important test which is leadership and competency and delivering results for the American people,'" Ingraham added.

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