Explicit 'Deport Racism' Ad: Trump's "Racist Redneck" Supporters Don't Realize West Belongs to Mexicans


A 'Deport Racism' ad against Donald Trump takes a stab at "redneck" Trump supporters and claims illegals didn't cross the border, but the border crossed them.

"Kick us out? We've always been in... parts of or all of California, Texas, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, Wyoming and New Mexico were all taken from 'old Mexico,'" various actors said.

"We didn't cross the border, the border crossed us," one person said.

"So you want to deport illegal invading immigrants and make a fuss? When are you moving your ass out of Texas?" several people asked.

One child actor chimed in, cursing: "You dumb fuck racists are full of shit, Latinos belong here get over it."

The ad told Trump to prepare for an "election day kick in the balls."

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