Clinton: Writing Off Millions of Undocumented Workers Shortchanges Them, Our Country and Future


Hillary Clinton spoke against "writing people off," which would hurt the economy, the country and our future. At a campaign rally Wednesday in Orlando the Democratic presidential nominee said when we write people off, we "shortchange them and their dreams," as well as the future of the U.S.

Clinton was speaking about the inclusion of illegal immigrants into the economy.

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"In a competitive 21st century global economy we can not afford to leave talent on the sidelines," Clinton said. "When we leave people out or write them off we not only shortchange them and their dreams, we shortchange our country and our own futures. That's one reason why I care so much about supporting working parents."

Clinton touted bringing 'undocumented workers' into the "formal economy" will increase the tax base.

"It's one reason why I am such a strong supporter of comprehensive immigration reform," said Clinton, "because bringing millions of undocumented workers into the formal economy will decrease abuse and exploitation and it will increase our economic growth and our tax base."

Watch the full campaign rally:

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