Trump: "Hillary Clinton Is The Vessel For All The Global Special Interests" That Want To Run Our Lives


At a rally in Kenansville, NC on Tuesday, Donald Trump argued that his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton was "the chief emissary for globalism."

"I'm not running to be president of the world, I'm running to be president of the United States," he said. "Hillary Clinton is the vessel for all of the global, special interests seeking to run our government and our lives."

President Obama slammed "crude populists" who oppose "global integration" at a speech at the United Nations earlier today. He said globalism was opposed by: "Religious fundamentalism, the politics of ethnicity or tribe or sect, aggressive nationalism, a crude populism, sometimes from the far left, but sometimes from the far right, to restore what they believe was a better, simpler age, free of outside contamination."

"I do not believe those visions can deliver security or prosperity over the long-term," Obama also said. "But I do believe that these visions fail to recognize that a very basic level, our common humanity."

Watch Trump's full speech in Kenansville:

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