Larry Sabato's Electoral Map Prediction Shifts In Donald Trump's Favor


Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia Center for Politics joins Steve Doocy on 'Fox & Friends' to discuss his latest major revision of his 2016 electoral map prediction. Sabato predicted on September 3 that Clinton would win by a large margin.

STEVE DOOCY, FOX NEWS CHANNEL: Here now with his brand-new and improved electoral map, Larry Sabato, director of the UVA Center for Politics, joins us. Something curious has happened. While it looked a few weeks ago like Hillary Clinton was marching toward the White House, suddenly Donald Trump is getting much more popular in some states that were kind of going her way.

LARRY SABATO, UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA: Yes. That's especially true in Ohio and Iowa which we've now leaned to Trump. Iowa, it seems pretty certain. Ohio is close, but clearly Trump has gone up and Clinton has declined. And then there's some others that are now so close they have to be called toss-ups, that would include Florida as well as North Carolina and Nevada.

So the new and improved map is more competitive....

DOOCY: We kind of know what that is. The red is solidly for Trump. The blue is solidly for Clinton and then the various shades of those colors. What's happening with the people out there in America that they are suddenly becoming more open to Mr. Trump as president, perhaps, in some certain quarters?

SABATO: There are two ways to look at it, Steve. One is what's happened to Hillary Clinton. She's had the toughest couple of week of her general election campaign. Between "deplorables" and the pneumonia episode and the videotape of the collapse.

I think that shocked a lot of people and it caused them to step back, some moving into undecided. Maybe others looking for other candidates.

For Donald Trump -- he's had a more disciplined campaign, usually, when they can keep him on the teleprompter and keep him from making side remarks during rallies.

The new campaign team I think has done a good job with him. It's that combination, but keep in mind, Steve, this is retrospective. We're looking back and trying to peg where the states may be were last week or are over the weekend and we're heading up for that big debate on Monday which could shake things up again.

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