Bill Clinton: Suggestion That Chelsea Could Be A "Conduit" For Clinton Foundation Donors To Access Hillary Is "Bull"


In an interview Tuesday with CNBC, former President Bill Clinton said that the argument that Chelsea Clinton's continued presence on the board of the Clinton Foundation after the election would allow donors to use her as a "conduit" to her mother is "bull." Bill Clinton is planning to leave the board of the Clinton Foundation, while his daughter is not.

"Obviously people would look at you as a conduit to getting through to [Hillary]," the CNBC interviewer said.

"The stuff that they've said so far is just bull," he said about questions about what happened while Hillary was Secretary of State and what will happen with the Foundation if Hillary became president. "But if she was actually the president, it would raise too many questions and I think it is fair [for me to step down]."

"You're stepping down from the [board of] the Foundation though," CNBC said. "Chelsea is not though. She seems to be a conduit who would essentially get through to Hilary Clinton too."

"We all know people, but when they made that conduit argument, the State Department said that there was nothing to it," Clinton said. "I think it is quite different if the Foundation is operating in America, taking no corporate contributions."

"I'm going to get off the board, we're going to give up corporate contributions and the individual contributions will be reported on a regular basis.

"Chelsea's got to decide what she's going to do, but somebody has to stay there" to "superintend the handing off" of the Foundation's international operations to separate foundations, Clinton said. "And that takes some time to do."

"We've got a couple thousand people working for us around the world, and we owe them something. They did great work," he said.

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