Undercover Trump Supporter Infiltrates Ohio Clinton Campaign Office, Discovers No Other Volunteers


A Trump supporter filmed himself walking into a Clinton campaign field office in Delaware, Ohio on Saturday afternoon, only to discover that he was the only "volunteer" who showed up for a scheduled canvassing meetup.

"They've got a door-knocking that is supposed to happen in about ten minutes... I found out about it, so I wanted to come down here and see what kind of turnout they've got," he said before entering. "See how many people they are going to have go out and door-knock for Hillary Clinton?"

When he enters the building, campaign organizers are excited to see him, noting that he is the "first one" to show up. A table is set up with paperwork in the room, and far more chairs than volunteers.

"I'm it? I'm the only one who came to volunteer?" he laughed.

When he reveals that he is filming, the first question asked by a Clinton staffer is: "Is this for law-enforcement purposes?"

"I was just wondering how it is going to feel to lose to Donald Triump come November," the man replied jokingly.

"I thought Hillary had ground game!" he said.

"Love Trump's hate, guys," he said as he left. "How's that Bloomberg poll treating you guys?"

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