Trump on 'Tonight Show' With Fallon: Talks His Health, Media Gaming the System, Putin, Debating Clinton


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump gets real with Jimmy about how things have changed since becoming the Republican presidential nominee.

Trump also talks about avoiding illness despite a grueling campaign schedule and why he prefers fast food on the road:

Fallon asked if Trump has gotten sick on the campaign trail.

"No I haven't," Trump said. "I've really been -- in fact, right after this I'm going up to New Hampshire, we're making a speech up in New Hampshire, I'll have a big crowd. I just got back from Ohio. We were in Pennsylvania and Florida. We're all over the place."

"How do you not get sick from shaking all those hands?" Fallon inquired again.

"I don't know. You know how? By not thinking about it," Trump said.

"We've had a really grueling schedule.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump gets wistful discussing his childhood home in Queens before tackling a list of standard job interview questions to help Jimmy evaluate his qualifications for POTUS:

Donald Trump clears up his relationship with Vladimir Putin and gets critical of the media for "gam[ing] the system" to slant debates against him:

"[The media] do try to pin me into this and I'm saying to myself, 'I don't even know him.' All of the sudden they're making it like he's my best friend. I don't know him. What I want is what is right for the country, that's all that matters to me," Trump said to applause.

On the debates, Trump said the "pressure" is on Lester Holt, the moderator of the first debate, to be "really tough on me." Trump accused the media of "trying to game the system," citing the criticism Matt Lauer received after he moderated the Commander-in-Chief Forum as a reason to be vigilant.

Trump on Matt Lauer, debating Hillary Clinton standing up without a moderator, and Lester Holt.

DONALD TRUMP: I really liked doing it, but I never debated professionally or from a political standpoint before but I enjoyed that process and I look forward to the next debate. And Lester [Holt] is the moderator. I think it's going to be very tough for Lester because, frankly, I thought Matt Lauer did a fantastic job. And they're trying to game the system by saying that Trump won the debate because Matt Lauer wasn't as tough on Trump as he was on Hillary Clinton. And that wasn't it. He was very tough on me, he was tough on her. But they're trying to make it so that Lester is going to come out and be really tough on me. I think it's unfair. I mean, they're trying to game the system. So I said let's not have a moderator. Remember the famous -- you would remember this, of course -- Abraham Lincoln-Douglas. Remember the Lincoln-Douglas debate?

JIMMY FALLON: Are you kidding? I watch it all of the time on YouTube.

DONALD TRUMP: No moderator.

JIMMY FALLON: It has like 3 million hits on YouTube...

But who would go first. Do you flip a coin? Do you know what a coin is by the way?


But the concept of having us both sitting on stage, or standing on stage. I like standing much better. But standing on stage and just debating. You know, they used to do debates that way. I think it would be fascinating for people. I think it would be far more fascinating.

But I think there is a lot of outside pressure being placed on Lester that is unfair. But I think it's unfair to me, but that's okay. I think it's unfair to Lester.

JIMMY FALLON: Yeah, because he's going to really just over-prepare on this.

DONALD TRUMP: Well he's going to hammer me and I think that's not the right thing to do. But, Matt, I have to say that Matt Lauer did a fantastic job on that debate. I don't think he got treated fair.

Fallon asks if he can tussle Donald Trump's famously controversial hair while the Republican presidential nominee is still a civilian:

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