Trump Baits Media Into Showing Him Be Endorsed By 14 Medal Of Honor Recipients At DC Hotel Opening


Donald Trump tricked the entire political media into showing him recieve the endorsement of several retired admirals and generals at the opening event for his new hotel in Washington D.C. on Friday in the 'Presidential Ballroom' of his new Washington D.C. hotel. Promising a statement about the "birther" issue, Trump instead delivered a lengthy endorsement by several military flag officers and 14 Medal of Honor recipients.

All three major news networks (CNN, MSNBC and Fox News) showed the veterans speaking positively about Trump for more than 20 minutes, before cutting off to commentary one by one. CNN cut away first, MSNBC and Fox joined them moments later. After five minutes of confusion, Trump returned to the stage and made his statement.

Watch the legendary event from start to finish above:

Hillary Clinton responds:

Reporters in the room expressed frustration on Twitter when they were delivered this event instead of the speech on birtherism that they were promised:

"I’m hungry," Politico’s Jake Sherman wrote.

“Nice hotel,” Trump said as he finally entered the hotel’s 'Presidential' ballroom. “I think when the hotel opens officially it will be one of the great hotels in the world.”

Afterwards, Trump briefly addressed the issue he promised: Trump: "Barack Obama Was Born In The United States. Period."

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