Harry Reid: Donald Trump Is A "Human Leech Who Will Bleed the Country"


CNN: Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid ripped into Donald Trump on Thursday, calling the Republican presidential nominee a "spoiled brat," "a con artist" and a "human leech who will bleed the country."

Reid's full remarks:

SEN. HARRY REID (D-NV): I am very concerned about the integrity and the security of democracy in America.

The United States is a nation that has always been, and must always be, governed by its people. Later on today, I’m going to see Ambassador Baucus. He is someone who always talked about how we have got to make sure the people are determining what we do. So America must never be subject to undue influence from foreign powers.

Potential conflicts of interest involving our nation’s elected officials deserve the highest scrutiny. That is why I found Kurt Eichenwald’s article in Newsweek so frightening.

The piece is very, very thorough, but I’m only going to quote a few things because of the time of the Senate. The article says that if elected, Trump would be: “The most conflicted president in American history,” and, “almost every foreign policy decision he makes will raise serious conflicts of interest and ethical quagmires.” The author details how Donald Trump, his family and his businesses have multiple, questionable partnerships with foreign governments, political parties and even criminals.

The Newsweek article ends with this declaration: “Never before has an American candidate for president had so many financial ties with American allies and enemies, and never before has a business posed such a threat to the United States.”

We face this from Donald Trump, a candidate and notorious con artist. Donald Trump is only trying to help one person – Donald Trump. I don’t care if he wants to be president or city commissioner, Donald Trump is in it to benefit Donald Trump.

If given the opportunity, Donald Trump will turn America into a big scam just like Trump University. I can’t make up this stuff. Here’s what one of his managers said at Trump University – head of sales. Here is what he said it was: “A fraudulent scheme and that it preyed upon the elderly and uneducated to separate them from their money.” That’s one of the managers of Trump University. That’s a direct quote.

But Trump University is only one example. Trump has been ripping off people for a long, long time – long before Trump University. The list of people cheated by Donald Trump is a mile long at least. A glass company in New Jersey, a children’s singing group, real estate brokers plural, plumbers, painters and dishwashers – all got fleeced by Trump the billionaire. And when Trump gets sued for not paying, he hires lawyers, lots of lawyers most of the time, to defend him from having cheated lots of people. And then guess what? Many times he doesn’t bother paying those lawyers – they have to sue him. He rips people off, only to reap profit for himself.

Now, a lot of his businesses I don’t understand very well. But I understand Atlantic City. He will do anything to make a buck for Donald Trump. I was the Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission for four very tumultuous years. I was there when we allowed Nevada operations to go to Atlantic City. So I understand what took place in Atlantic City. He’ll do anything to make a buck for himself. He applied for a license a number of years ago in Nevada and was a passive owner. He got one. It was just perfunctory. If he applied for a license after what he has done in Atlantic City and what he has done since, he couldn’t get a gaming license in Nevada.

Let’s be clear about Donald Trump. He is a spoiled brat, raised in plenty, who inherited a fortune and used his money to make more money. And he did a lot of it by swindling working men and women. Why would he change as president? The answer is simple: Trump won’t change. He is asking us to let him get rich scamming America.

I know these are harsh words, but look at this man. He goes to Flint, Michigan, where people are desperate for help, desperate for help. He goes to an African-American church, and what does he do? He just starts ranting, ranting about how horrible Hillary Clinton is. It was so bad that the woman that runs the church had to come up and say, “Stop, you’re not here to do this.” And he stopped. And this morning, he said, obviously there was something wrong with her mentally.

Trump is a human leech who will bleed the country and sit at his golf resort laughing at the money he has made, even though working people have been hurt and ruined. Trump doesn’t understand the middle class. How could he? How could he understand working people, because he’s only out for Donald Trump.

This report from Newsweek proves Trump’s plans to take his rigged game straight to the White House. The integrity and security of our democracy are at stake. We can’t chance the sovereignty of this nation on a con man like Trump. Where is Senator McConnell and Speaker Ryan when American needs their help from this person running for president?

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