Vicente Fox: "Gringo Feo" Donald Trump Doesn't Even Know China's Great Wall Failed; "The Mongols Conquered China!"


Thursday on “Morning Joe,” former Mexican President Vicente Fox called Donald Trump a “false prophet,” adding that Trump’s proposal to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border is “meaningless.”

"I'm surprised that this nation is now going back to the old days of the gringo feo, the ugly American, but going back to populism. This nation is great already. This nation is great because of the work of these millions and millions of workers," he said.

About the wall, Fox said: "This ignorant doesn't even know that the Chinese wall failed, thoroughly failed. The Mongols, the Manchus, came in and conquered China. The same thing happened with the Berlin Wall. This is a stupid idea so please wake up, America. Look at the proposals of a false prophet. I don't know what he has against Mexico, but we Mexicans love and like the United States."

He added: "We are frightened outside. I work with 95 former heads of states, our Club de Madrid, and we are all now in one solid front against this man. This is not the voice of United States."

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