Rollins: Plenty Of People Across The Country Will Proudly Wear The Label "I'm One Of The Deplorables"


Trump Super PAC chairman and veteran Republican strategist Ed Rollins talks about how Hillary Clinton's 'deplorables' remark will have long-lasting effects Wednesday on America's Newsroom. Rollins said people across the country will "proudly" wear the tag of being "one of the deplorables." Doug Schoen called the comment "disqualifying."

"I think it's far more severe than the 47% because deplorable is a simply term," Rollins said, speaking of the infamous Romney comment. "Look, when you look the term up it's disgraceful, dishonorable, unworthy. And then she followed up with that saying they are not redeemable, they are un-American. Those are her words at this million-dollar dinner with Barbra Streisand and the Hollywood people."

"In a year when you are basically running against the establishment, and she's the epitome of the establishment, there is a lot of people across this country who are going to proudly to wear the tag, the hats and the t-shirts, 'I'm one of the deplorables for him,'" Rollins said Wednesday.

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