Mark Levin: Obama Is The Reason I'm Voting For Trump, Despite Policy Disagreements


Radio host Mark Levin elaborates on why he plans to vote for Donald Trump for president, even though he disagrees with him on many policy issues.

Levin said: "Here is one of the reasons many of you and I will be voting for Trump despite our growing disagreements with him on substantive issues. Barack Obama in Philadelphia on Tuesday."

"Let me tell you something, jerk," he said, responding to the president. "You're talking about yourself. And that's the problem, ladies and gentlement. Eight years of this, and that is eight years too much. It feels like a prison sentence. Anger, resentment, blame, hate, fanning the flames. Division. That describes him to a T. And it decribes Hillary Clinton."

"She is every bit as radical as Barack Obama," he said about Hillary Clinton. "We're dealing with Alniskyites."

"In Hillary's case a 1960s radical, and 1970s radical."

"In my case, I had a choice to make, as you do," he said. "And you'll do what you want. But either a liberal who is unreliable even on conservative issues that he raises [Donald Trump]. Or a radical [Hillary Clinton]. And Alinskyite, who is totally reliable on where she wants to drive the country."

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