Conway: Trump Will Not Release Physical Results on Dr. Oz, "He Will Release It This Week"


Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway tells the FOX News Channel that Donald Trump will not reveal the results of his physical when he appears on Dr. Oz today. She said Trump will release it sometime this week. The show will be taped today and broadcasted on Thursday.

CONWAY: On a TV show? I don’t think he should. No, he was going to talk about the fact that he had a physical and what the results are or what the doctor may have told him to date. It wasn’t present as his physical. I think on Dr. Oz they are going to talk about other concerns for America. They are taking questions from the audience as I understand. I would imagine that Dr. OZ would talk about what he talks about every day, addiction or Zika or other health concerns for people. If he is asked a question about his health or his stamina, I’m sure he’ll be happy to answer it. He’s always happy to answer.

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