Krauthammer: Clintons "Incapable Of Telling Truth," "Another Case Of Coverup Being Worse Than The Crime"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Walking pneumonia is a benign condition if you don't have any serious underlying disease. It's a close call as to whether they should have said it on Friday. She appeared to be able to walk through it without any obvious side effects. Well, she had them on Sunday. I think this is another case of the coverup being worse than the crime. If it is what they say it is, this is totally benign.

They should have explained it right away. This just has as everybody can see it just adds to the impression that these people are simply incapable of telling the truth. The simple truth. And on things where they are not really culpable they should easily be able to explain it. They just find a way to make her look untrustworthy...

Seeing her slip, seeing her helpless can be devastating. That's why they should have been out there right away. The irony is, you could have if they had been honest and clever, you play this for sympathy and also to show determination. This is a woman who has been campaigning 18 months, has pneumonia, perseveres and you might have been able to turn it around a bit like the tear in the New Hampshire primary in 2008. But instead, they go to cover up mode and they make it worse. Look, she's not going to withdraw over a walking pneumonia. if that's all there is. And if you have a pneumonia underlying and you have seasonal allergies added on to that you can end up with a nasty cough. That's the obvious explanation unless they are hiding something really bad.

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