Dem Senate Candidate Strickland: Kaine Ready To Become The President If Necessary


Former Ohio Governor and Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate Ted Strickland told reporters vice presidential nominee Sen. Tim Kaine is ready to become president if necessary after a campaign event with Clinton's running mate.

"I've known Senator Kaine for quite some time. He is a wonderfully prepared person to be vice president and to be the president if that ever became necessary," Strickland said Monday.

Strickland on Clinton's health, video below:

STRICKLAND: There have been efforts for a long time to imply that she is not healthy. I think that is part of her political enemies' attempt to conjure up a rumor that could hurt her politically. I don’t think there’s any evidence she has any serious chronic, health conditions that could make it difficult for her to serve as president.

I think the most critical thing for her to do is to be fully recovered of this pneumonia. I would hope that she would take whatever time is needed to fully recover... It’s tough when you get little sleep and you’re making speech and you’re giving interviews. It can wear on you.

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