Andrea Mitchell: Clinton Had An "Affirmative Obligation" To Tell Us About Pneumonia Diagnosis On Friday


NBC news reporter Andream Mitchell discusses Hillary Clinton's secretiveness about her health, saying she has only "made things worse" and given fuel to "conspiracy theories" by not disclosing her pneumonia diganosis immediately.

ANDREA MITCHELL, NBC NEWS: The fact is that they have only made things worse.

Because they have helped Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani, and all the others who are making such an issue out of her health. Trump so far has not talked about it, he has been smart enouugh to listen to advisers probably, to stay quiet while you opponents are messing their own campaigns up.

But the fact that [the Clintons] did not say anything on Friday, when they had an affirmative obligation to the public to the public -- to us, after telling us that the cough in Cleveland on Labor Day was just seasonal allergies, which is what she thought. But after she had an exam on Friday morning, they had an affirmative obligation to tell us about the disagnosis of pneumonia...

Eight hours after this first happened, they finally tell us about the diagnosis of pneumonia that occurred on Friday. I'm sorry -- there is an obligation, not written, not in law --and Donald Trump is even worse than she is, in terms of telling us anything about his medical records-- so, you know, we've got a lot of problems with both campaigns.

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