NBC News Reporter on "Robust" Hillary: "We Don't Want Her Feeling But Her Very Best"


MSNBC reporter Alex Witt watches video of Hillary Clinton leaving her daughter Chelsea's apartment after a mild feinting spell at this morning's 9/11 memorial service.

"We don't want her to feel anything but he very best," Witt said about Hillary. "She's clearly walking out stabily, on her own, not using any sort of apendage to help support her. She looks robust, she is waving to the crowd."

"We don't know where the Secretary is heading," she added. "There's probably a better than average chance that she is heading home to Westchester County."

"She may want to get out of those kind-of heavy clothes, given the weather."

Also: 'Supercut' of MSNBC's defensive coverage of Clinton's fall.

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