CNN's Stelter to Media: Do Not Give Oxygen To "Conspiracy Theories" That Hillary Clinton Is "Secretly Ill"


CNN media reporter and host of Reliable Sources admonished journalists who have questioned Hillary Clinton's health, saying the press should not "give oxygen" to "conspiracy theories" that the Democratic nominee for president is "secretly ill." However, Stelter did acknowledge there are "legitimate questions" about her health.

"The Clinton campaign did rush to put out a statement at the top of your broadcast to clarify that she is okay and was feeling overheated," CNN's Jeff Zeleny reported. "But I do think in the coming days this is going to keep playing out. It's on the cover of the National Enquirer this week."

"Let's be honest, they had that horrible photo on the cover of that supermarket tabloid," Stelter said Sunday on Reliable Sources. "Clearly, Hillary is photoshopped in that picture. I thought it was disgusting, and yet, even though there are these conspiracy theories which we should not give oxygen to saying that she's secretly ill suggesting she is on her death bed which we can see she's not."

"There are legitimate questions to ask by reporters. That's the distinction here to me," Stelter said.

Raw video of Hillary Clinton taking a spill as she exited a 9/11 memorial event due to ill health:

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