Rebecca Berg: Mike Pence Has Done A "Uniquely Good Job" As A Trump Surrogate


RCP reporter Rebecca Berg speaks with CNN host Wolf Blitzer about Donald Trump running mate Mike Pence's interview this afternoon on CNN. In the interview, Pence doubled down on Donald Trump's statement about Russian dictator Vladimir Putin being a "stronger leader" than President Obama.

WOLF BLITZER, CNN: I guess he's trying to clean up some of the more controversial comments that Donald Trump made about the generals and Putin. Is that his role now, to clean up Trump's comments?

REBCCA BERG, RCP: It's certainly one of them. I guess you can say the same of all of Donald Trump surrogates; if you look at Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani and Jeff Sessions.

They all have to go out there in the news, and in interviews with us, and try to explain what Donald Trump means by a lot of what he says.

But Mike Pence has done really uniquely good job of it. He hasn't-- I think it's really notable because a lot of Republicans, when he took this role, thought he was on a suicide mission, but he hasn't created any controversies of his own.

He hasn't, sort of, tarnished his reputation in any meaningful way, and he hasn't led the campaign's message in another direction. He has stayed really on message but in a way that's made Donald Trump's positions and his words sound a lot more palatable for a broader audience.

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