Trump Challenges Clinton To Release Health History: I'll Go First


On Tuesday, Donald Trump told ABC News's David Muir that he plans to release his medical records, hoping that his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton will do the same. If she makes her medical records public he'd do the same, "100 percent," Trump said.

"I might do that," he said when asked to go first, "In fact, now that you ask, I think I will do that."

MUIR: You're 70, she's 68. Do you think the American people deserve to know some more about both of you and your medical [condition]?

TRUMP: Sure I do. I would love to give specifics as far as I'm concerned. If she wants to do, I'll do it 100%.

MUIR: Why not go first?

TRUMP: I might do that. In fact, now that you ask, I will do that.

Below: Trump's full interview with ABC News...

"I think if [Hillary] went to Mexico, she would have had a total failure," Trump said at timestamp 5:40 of the interview. "We had a total success."

"When you talk about her 'not looking presidential,' are you talking about aesthetics here?" Muir asked.

"No, I'm talking about general here," Trump said. "By the way -- She says things about me that are horrible. As an example. The single greatest asset I have, according to those that know me is my temperament. But she came up with this Madison Avenue item about his temperament. It is the single greatest asset I have - my temperament."

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