Trump: The Only Time Kerry Walked Out Of Negotiations With Iran Was When He Broke His Leg


Donald Trump tweaks Secretary of State John Kerry over his handling of the negotiations with Iran over their nuclear program. Trump gives a preview into how he will negotiate:

"We need to say: 'We have to have the hostages back.' We leave the room, and you double up the sanctions. Within 48 hours, you'll have the hostages back," he said.

"We didn't do that. Kerry never walked. The only time he walked is when he entered a bicycle race," Trump said as the crowd laughed. "Can you beleive this guy? 73 years old. It's true. He fell off his bicycle, and he broke his leg, and he was out of the negotiations for three or four weeks. And they probably did better in the negotiation when he wasn't there. That's the only time he left!"

"He should have left the negotiations, doubled up the sanctions, and gotten what he wanted. That deal is a disaster for us. It is a shorter road to nuclear weapons and it is an incompetantly negotiated deal. So these are the things we're stuck with folks, but we will fix it."

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