Donald Trump Answers Questions On His Plane: Only A "Natural Disaster" Could Keep Me Out Of The Debates


Donald Trump spoke Monday with reporters on his private plane, 'Trump Force One,' giving an insight into his debate preparations. He says he has not done a mock debate with a Hillary Clinton stand-in and points to his success in 11 Republican primary debates when asked about how he plans to debate the Democratic nominee.

"I've seen people do so much prep work that when they get out there, they can't speak," Trump said about the debate prep issue. "I've seen that."

"It is just, really, basically, I've called a lot of things right -- Don't go into Iraq. Don't get out of Iraq the way they got out of Iraq. We have so many different things we've been talking about. Take the oil."

When asked if someone is playing Hillary in his debate prep, he quickly replies: "No. No, I haven't. I hadn't planned on it, I've never done it before."

He also says that he plans to attend all three debates, "as of this moment." His mind could be changed by, "hurricanes, natural disaster. I look forward to the debates. I think it is an important element of what we're doing. I think you have a obligation to do the debates. In the other cases we had eleven debates, I look forward to the debates."

About the moderators, he said: "I respect the moderators, I do respect them. It is interesting."

Hillary Clinton also spoke to reporters Monday on her new campaign plane.

Interestingly, the two candidates' airplanes were parked almost next to each other at the same airport in Ohio on Labor Day.

Responding to whether or not he will allow reporters to travel on the plane with him in the future, Trump notes that his plane "is not set up that way, with seats," but that he "has no problem" with letting several reporters stay on board.

Via Fox10 Phoenix

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