Coulter at Rob Lowe Roast: It's Nice To Be At a Celebrity Shindig That Isn't a Clinton Fundraiser


Ann Coulter was on the dais at the roast for Rob Lowe and took some shots at Hollywood while pushing Donald Trump for president in the Comedy Central special that was broadcasted Monday night.
Coulter's humor, as one might expect, did not go over well with the star-studded audience and, according to Jezebel, received "spider eyes" from Maria Shriver.

Coulter started her performance by hawking her new book, In Trump We Trust, eliciting boos from the Hollywood crowd. Coulter was also on the receiving end of jokes fellow comedians, actors and musicians on the roast dais.

Coulter was on the receiving end of jokes from the roasters. Comedian Jeff Ross said she looks like a "modern-day Eva Braun."

Musician Jewel said Coulter "is going to vote like it's 1899."

Coulter appeared on The Sam Roberts Show Tuesday to give her postmortem on the roast. Coulter said Matt Drudge asked why she wasn't on marquee because it was "the roast of you."

"People are questioning the promotional move for you to jump on the Rob Lowe roast on Comedy Central. Now, for anyone to question the promotional move, I don't know how you can question it based on the fact that the show hasn't even aired yet and you might as well have been the only person there. Like, they're talking about you? Or the jokes the other people made about you? Like, I know Jewel was there because she said something about Ann Coulter. And Pete Davidson and all these people," Roberts told the conservative commentator.

"[Matt] Drudge called me the other day upset that I wasn't on the marquee," Coulter said. "What is this? This is the roast of you, Ann, why are they pretending that this is the roast of someone else."

The two discussed how the roast was really about her and how the jokes were not funny because they didn't have a twist at the end.

"Pete Davidson said, 'Ann Coulter is here. If you are here Ann who is scaring the crows away from our crops?' He is saying you look like a scarecrow

"You see, that wasn't that funny," Coulter said.

"And then it said, 'Davidson also described Coulter as a 'racist cunt.' It really seems directed [at you]," Roberts said.

"I'm still waiting for the joke here," Coulter reacted.

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