Kaine Hits Trump For Saying Clinton "Doesn't Look Presidential"


Democratic nominee for vice president Tim Kaine hit Donald Trump for remarking Hillary Clinton "doesn't look presidential" at a campaign event in Cleveland on Labor Day.

"Can I tell you something that made me mad today?" Kaine said to the crowd. "Donald Trump put out a tweet today about our nominee for president and the tweet essentially said, 'she doesn't look presidential, does she fellas?' Listen to that again. Listen to that again. This is what he said. She does not look presidential, does she, fellas? does she, fellas? Does she, fellas?

"Here's my prediction," Kaine said. "At the end of the second term of Hillary Clinton Donald Trump will still be saying that very same thing as he's hawking bottled water somewhere and we've forgotten he'd ever run for president of the United States."

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