Hillary Clinton on Lewinsky Scandal: "It Was Hard, Painful"


Hillary Clinton addresses Monica Lewinsky in an interview with CNN:

PAMELA BROWN, CNN JUSTICE CORRESPONDENT: How difficult was it to go through something so private, so personal, under the glare of the spotlight as the first lady?

HILLARY CLINTON (D), PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE: It was really hard. It was painful. And I was so supported by my friends. My friends just rallied around. They would come. They would try and make me laugh. They would recommend books to read. We'd go for long walks. We'd hang out. You know, eat bad food. I mean just the kind of things you do with your friends.

And it -- it was something that you just had to get up every day and try to deal with, while still carrying on a public set of responsibilities. So it was very, very challenging.

The full interview airs Monday night on CNN.

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